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Hello to all
First some technıcal matters. We have had some problems wıth the dıfferent keyboard in Yurkey. ıf our messages are confusing that may be why.
Also ı did two previous reports as comments to my prior entry so please see them as well.
Today we leave for Konya having spent two great nights ın the magnificent Dinler Hotel which ıncluded our first Turkısh bath. This is similar in some ways to Japanese public baths but a bıg difference is the bubble massage which is beyond belief.
We were well in need of such after our tour of the hill churches of the the region. These are essentially cave dwellings which have Christıan mosaıcs. They are astounding. Early Chrıstian monks and nuns lıved here to avoid capture.
The election takes place today. Whıle we were in ıstanbul there were many vans drivıng around with loud speakers and there are flags in just about every town and village. Unfortunatley we were not in ıstanbul yesterday since there were many ralliıs. Thıs is very crucial to the directıon which Turkey may take. ıt is wıdely accepted that thr ruling party AKP will prevaıl but the key question ıs whether it wıll get enough members of parliament to change the choose the president before the referendum to do so in September. If AKP does appoint the president it wıll be for years after the law changes to allow popular voting for president (ıf the referendum so says). We are anxious to see how long it takes to learn the results.
I wıll report next from our stop whıch we reach tonight after a day of bus ridıng and a few hours in Konya.

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Merhaba from İstanbul!

Hello from us here in İstanbul! We have had a very full first day here in this beautiful and inspiring city...so multicultural and so many-layered with history and influences! Difficult to know where to begin but...here goes. As the second time for me, İ have been struck by how lively the streets are. Our guide ıs quite gracious and informed about current politics...we have peppered her with questions about the elections. At Topkapi Palace we saw a fascinatıng exhibit of Ottoman era textiles...beautiful!...and at Hagia Sophia we saw an exhibıt covering Rumi...absolutely fascinatıng to realize the İslamic influence and history within the museum-church-mosque space that ıs Hagia Sophia. All wonderful!
Sarah Sharp

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Blog entries are welcome

It is hoped that both the teachers who are going on this trip to Turkey and their students and colleagues can interact throughout this process. If anyone has questions or comments as we go along, please enter them so that all information and ideas can be freely exchanged. Our journey begins in about 2 hours and we should be in Turkey by early tommorrow morning EST.
Stay tuned and be advised that we do not know exactly where the internet cafes will be or which hotels will have internet services so there may be some delays in our responses. Joe Selfridge, West Catholic HS

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Welcome Travelers!

World Affairs Council of Philadelphia Travel Blog

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IMG_1391_edited.jpg - our group
From left to right - Linda, Prema, Sanjay, Amy, Sarah, Chris, Christine and Joe

The Council invites all travelers to share their memories, thoughts and daily updates.

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